We are partnering with Ventura Missionary Church and Convoy of Hope to assist those that have been affected by the Thomas Fire. If you or someone you know needs assistance
please call us at 805-647-2004.
Family to Family

Here at VFA we are committed to Pray & Pledge for missions at home and abroad.

The heartbeat of missions is found in the heart of God. When we start to see the world with Christ’s love and compassion, our perspective cannot stay the same; our eyes see horizons that never existed before; our compassion grows. But Beware! Seeking God’s perspective on the world can quickly overwhelm you if you are not focusing your attention on Him. Only God can love the world – we do not have the capacity. But as we center on Him, He will fill us with the compassion and conviction to become “WORLD CHRISTIANS!”

That is the goal this year of our church in the area of MISSIONS!

A    Awareness for the need of World Missions

B    Burden for the Lost. To go beyond knowing about the unreached people of this world and to develop a burden for them.

C    Commitment to the Lord. This is financial. It is one thing to say you care, it is another things to show it with your finances. In this financially tight time in our country, you show a special burden by giving monthly to missions.

D    Dedication to the Lost. This is in Prayer and ministry. God is calling you to be part of the harvest. In what specific way is He calling you?